Achieving Enlightenment

Sharing Musical Traditions

Striking a piece of wood is the basic percussion instrument, and it seems to be a part of the music in cultures all over the world. It can be a way of sharing musical traditions as two people with no other language in common can create their own communication by striking the wood. There are many different rhythms used, and they often vary by culture. The meaning behind them may be easy to fathom, or it could be a complex set of beats difficult to decipher. The violin, just like the drums is yet another instrument capable to communication in the right hands.

Emotional Content

For those who have taken violin lessons at any time, learning the various ways to create music is a basic part of the learning. The bow is often drawn across the strings, but individual strings can be plucked to create a different sound. Using this method can be classified within the realm of percussion as each note is struck from the instrument, and emotional content can be relayed through a series of notes. It is a basic informational exchange between the musician and the audience, and it can create a bridge between two people of very different cultures.

Reaching Out

The world may have become a smaller place due to electronic communication, but there are still deep divides between many cultures. Some tend to keep out of the mainstream of today’s international society, but others are eager to experience what other cultures can offer themelo. Reaching out is often done through music, so learning to play an instrument that can convey complex information is an excellent way to join the greater community of man. For those interested, there are online violin classes available for beginners and advanced students. Lauren has spent many years performing as an electric violinist, and she is now offering classes for those interested in this beautiful instrument.

Harmonizing Together

When any two experienced musicians get together, they often find the challenge of building a melody together to be fun. One of them will often begin with a few notes on their own instrument, and it is up to the second person to add their own twist to what has just been played. Harmonizing together is not easy for beginners, but it can be a fun way to appreciate different musical traditions. Learning how someone from another culture perceives music is part of what this type of exercise brings out, and it can be a way of sharing that will allow the two a better opportunity to communicate.

Music is about communication, and it often is used as a medium for sharing emotional content. Experienced musicians can have fun trading melodies and instruments, but beginners might not be quite ready to go that far. Even if they have just started lessons, they can appreciate the harmony of two very different players and instruments being used to communicate. Sharing is all part of what music is about, and being able to use it as a bridge across a language or cultural gap can be the most fun of all.