Achieving Enlightenment

Religious Diversity

There have been many societies where people have spent time, money, and even the lives of their people to fight the concept of religion celebrated by others. Few people even within the same religious body see a divine being in exactly the same way, so teaching children about the religious concepts of others can be a way to help them understand the religious diversity of many cultures. They might not quite understand why others worship differently than their family, so using primary assemblies to introduce the subject can be a good way to help them begin to learn about the concept of diversity in a way that does not threaten their own beliefs.

Learning about Other Religions

People around the world celebrate and worship different deities, so learning about other religions can be an introduction into understanding cultural diversity. It can be difficult to keep track of all the varying cultures across the world, but learning about them a few at a time can help. Understanding that there are different ways to see even divine spirits is a good way to help students think deeply about how the world works, and it can assist them with difficult concepts by looking at new ways to see them. Even those with little imagination will have a better chance of being able to think outside their normal straight lines when faced with facts that do not automatically conform to their own way of life.

Celebrating Differences

Few people within a society are all the same, so celebrating differences between people should be a recognized way to look at cultures around the world. There are some students who have trouble seeing there is little or no difference in the basic needs and desires of those from other places, so giving them the gift of learning can help them make the adjustment. Pointing out that differences are what makes people interesting can be helpful, but it also provides an appreciation of how the lifestyles of others can be melded into a person’s own society.

Telling a Story

There are few people in the world unwilling to hear a good story, and it has long been a way to introduce a topic. Children have often been entranced when listening to someone telling a story, and they have found it is a good way to find out about the world around them. Some stories have no deep moral value, but others are a way to hand even the youngest members of society a new way to see their world. At Primary Works, educators will find there is a wonderful story they can provide for their students that explains Ganesh to them in a way they will understand.

The world is a place where people from different cultures continue to interact, so learning about the diversity of their lifestyles and religious beliefs has become important. Explaining only the driest facts will often lose students of any age, but telling them an interesting story about a different culture can help them appreciate how their differences can bring understanding to all.